myIntellus is an optional feature of the Intellus website that makes it easy to run specific queries and maps on a recurring basis, or to simply save your reports and maps for future use.

With myIntellus, you can save analytical and exceedance queries and quickly run them again in the future from a simple dashboard. You can save an unlimited number of reports and maps (they won't be visible to any other users). Use of this feature is entirely optional and does not affect typical use of the site.

To create a free account, you only need to provide a username, your email address, and a password.

Your saved reports and maps are only visible while you are logged into your account (once logged in, you'll see a "Welcome to myIntellus" message in the top right of the menu area). If you lose your password, click the button below to sign in, then click the "Forgot your password?" link to automatically reset your password (via email to the address on record).

Key features of myIntellus:

  • Save analytical data queries (for one or more data providers)
  • Save single exceedance queries
  • Save custom maps
  • Run saved reports and maps from a single dashboard at any time
  • Name your saved reports and maps for easy management
  • Save an unlimited number of reports and maps, and easily delete them when no longer needed

User accounts are needed to save your reports for future access, and the information your provide is not used for any other purpose than saving reports and is not shared with other users or third parties. You can delete your account at any time, and accounts are automatically deactivated after nine (9) months of inactivity.

Questions about myIntellus can be directed to