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Access over 16 million Los Alamos area environmental monitoring records in Intellus New Mexico.

Intellus New Mexico is a publicly-accessible database containing environmental monitoring data provided by the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) DOE Oversight Bureau (DOE OB), and other third-party providers (such as local and Tribal entities).

Since 2012, the integrated records of Los Alamos National Laboratory— part of DOE's network of national laboratories— have been stored in Intellus.

Intellus was established to provide complete transparency into the Laboratory's environmental monitoring and sampling data. Specifically, it is intended to ensure that members of the public have real-time access to the most recent data used by managers, analysts, and scientists to help guide environmental stewardship decisions. System data are updated nightly and all data are verified and validated before release. All data contained in this system are unclassified.

The database now contains over 16 million records, including more than 32,000 locations and about 400,000 samples. These records include both recent and historical information about samples and laboratory analyses for air, soil, sediment, biota, and water.

With automated electronic data validation, interactive maps, and the ability to include data from other third-party providers and environmental programs, Intellus provides the platform for viewing Los Alamos area environmental data.

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Los Alamos National Laboratory and New Mexico Environment Department—working together on environmental monitoring & reporting.

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